Dollar Shave Club Brand Script


The Brand Script is a behavioral brand model, which…

– Focuses on the audience
– Tells a story
– Gives coherent direction
– Can be behaviorally interpreted

It requires a thorough understanding or your audience, market, business, brand values, and competition
The major categories include:

  • Audience Truth: It explains why people are doing what

    they are doing. Whom do we want to engage, based on

    what need?

  • Vision: A vivid mental image of the business as a brand

    want it to be in an optimal future. Whom do we want to be

    in the future?

  •  Disruption: A convention-breaking positioning that

    positively disrupts the marketplace and unlocks growth. How do we position ourself to get a larger share of the market?


  • Brand Belief: The deep enthusiasm or motivational energy that drives a brand.What do we believe in,if we position ourself in such a disruptive way?
  • –  Brand Behavior: Translates and guides how a brand wants to express its belief in reality. How do we need to behave, to truly live up to our Brand Belief?
  • –  Convention: A pattern of generally accepted facts, attitudes we take for grated or a widely practiced behavior. What do we fight against?


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