In a chilling PSA by UNICEF U.K., David Beckham’s tattoos don’t look like what you’re used to. In order to spread the word that violence leaves a mark on a child, both mentally and physically, Beckham’s tattoos come to life. A tattoo of a little girl resting on a cloud turns into a dark image of her father striking her. The ad is violent and intense, but it strives to show people the toll abuse takes on children.

Although of course the ad is targeting the perpetrator, it is more so targeting bystanders in hopes of stopping future abuse. The Executive Director of Unicef, Anthony Lake, says that “When we protect children from violence, we prevent individual tragedies—and promote stronger, more stable societies.”

By using David Beckham as an advocate, the PSA gains traffic and social relevance. Beckham’s tattoos signify that although some markings you want, others are permanent symbols that you don’t ask for, such as scars and bruises.

The ad uses emotion to draw in supporters, and its dark tone helps create meaningful content. This PSA is one surely to be noticed.

Holiday Hole in our Hearts



The raunchy and inappropriate but downright hilarious board game, Cards Against Humanity, may have just won me over for best campaign of 2016. They have always been known to pull some tricks, like last year when they up charged customers $5 if they purchased the game on Black Friday. But it’s this year’s Black Friday stunt that just about took the cake.

As an ode to the “amazing” year 2016 has been, Cards Against Humanity started a fundraiser to build a giant hole in the Earth. That’s right. They dug a hole until the donations stopped coming in. And you might ask, what did those donations stop at? $100,573. All to build a giant hole. In the ground. In the middle of rural Illinois.For no apparent reason.

But, they did have a reason. Cards Against Humanity wanted to take a stand against the shitty (excuse my language) year it’s been for democrats, liberals, and everyone else who voted against Trump.

They faced criticism, like people asking why wasn’t the money donated to charity. Cards Against Humanity said they exact same thing back, why didn’t you donate the money to charity. You’re the one donating money to dig a hole in the ground.

Cards Against Humanity live streamed the “hole” thing, and it was hilarious..

Well played, Cards Against Humanity, well played.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.44.12 PM.png

A Difficult but Necessary Watch


In a day and age where gun violence is becoming a daily occurrence, BBDO New York partnered with Sandy Hook Promise to create a compelling video that brings awareness to the warning signs of gun violence that are often ignored. The video pulls on the heart strings at first, in a completely innocent, young-love kind of way. It is not until it is brought to your attention that what’s happening in the background is what actually matters.

If you have yet to watch the ad, take a look now.

Sandy Hook Promise, a nonpartisan, non profit established by the families who lost a child in the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, wanted to show how easy it is to miss the warning signs of something that could be easily stopped. BBDO went the extra mile and created a video that may be seen as abrasive, but necessary.

In just 3 days, the video has reached just under 2.9 million views. It has been seen circulating across Facebook, with meaningful and inspiring messages as the post’s title.

BBDO New York and Sandy Hook Promise wanted to target parents, students, and faculty members that would have otherwise not recognized, or ignored, the signs that come before a potential shooter takes action.

The video is mysterious in more ways than one, and leaves the viewer waiting to see what happens. This is so important in that it keeps viewers interested all the way through the extremely important message found in the second half.

The video has faced slight criticism, with some claiming that gun violence isn’t the issue, mental health is. Regardless of the core issues, the ad does it’s job of bringing awareness to a tragic and important topic.


Working from the Inside, Out: Dollar Shave Club

dollar-shave-club-dubin-blades-ad-01.pngThis week’s session was fun, informative, and unique in that is was the one and only in-house marketing agency we went to, and I loved it! What began as a discussion on whether or not what you major in or what school you choose really matters, turned into an insightful look at all the hard work and dedication that stems from an internal agency.

The agency, made up of Agency Director, Raechelle Hoki, VP of Creative, Alec Brownstein, Creative Director, Matt Knapp, and nine others, has one major goal. They need to showcase Dollar Shave Club’s promise :”Dollar Shave Club makes it easy for guys to look, feel, and smell like a million bucks without paying for it.” To do so, the agency works closely with marketing in order to make sure everything is cohesive and united.

Because we had spent the majority of the semester focusing on agency side, it was interesting to learn about the advantages of having an internal agency. One major advantage is that you work on your own timeline. No external agency will ever know your product as well as you do, and because of that the whole process is longer. In regards to finances, an internal agency has all the same capabilities as an external agency, yet without the millions in spending. I also found it super fascinating that external and internal have different objectives. An external agency wants to make the best ad, win awards, and gain recognition, whereas an internal agency wants to do all of that, but also increase sales of their company’s product.

A few disadvantages to in house is the sole fact that you hire an agency to be able to fire an agency. If an agency doesn’t do work that you approve of, you don’t have to stick with them. Another disadvantage is that in general, the most talented in advertising go to agency side, and its hard to recruit them over to in house.

DSC’s in house agency believes that a great idea comes from a real human insight, and they couldn’t be more correct. The products are straight forward and they solve problems that really exist. Hence why if DSC does something wrong, they own it, and that’s something I really admire.

This led us to our assignment for the session which was to target college students through snapchat, but of course there was a catch. It had to be founded in a human truth. This was way harder than I expected, but I filters, snap stories, and snap chat ads were just a few of the great ideas our team came up with.

The whole experience was really inspiring and informative, and it definitely opened my eyes to the world an in house agency.