“In God I Trust, Others Bring Data” Universal McAnn


Last week we ventured a little farther than usual to the incredible ad agency that specializes in media, Universal McAnn. This Los Angeles location, one of upwards of 130 offices, spends their time working on Sony Home Entertainment, Sony Theatrical, Sony Corporate, and Tourism Australia. Our two speakers, Randy and Dan, were both hilarious and informative making the entire agency visit even better than I imagined.

Universal McAnn’s focus is media. What really is media? Media is EVERYTHING you do and how you connect with the things that matter most to you.

As Randy and Dan explained, media sparks a conversation. And that’s where marketing comes in. Great marketing equals great communication and with globalization, marketing has no bounds and communication is possible across all lands.

Throughout our visit, we took a look into media today. It’s crazy to think, but in today’s day and age people have an attention span of 8 seconds. That is less than the attention of a goldfish..yes, a GOLDFISH. So what does this mean for us as marketers and advertisers? We need to give the right message at the right time, so everyone receives it.

The main question companies ask is how can they make their product matter to YOU. Universal McAnn has 3 ways. 1. Be Authentic. 2. Be Inclusive and 3. Be Innovative. Brands also develop their media target, to send the right people the right message at the right time.

Universal McAnn gave me a new perspective on media, and really opened my eyes to the possibilities of a media advertising agency.



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