Radical Media-The Most Radical Agency Thus Far


Thumb.jpegBefore even stepping into the office, I could tell Radical Media’s company culture was going to be something I liked. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, CA, Radical Media’s office space is rustic and industrial, with touches of metal and reclaimed wood-the style definitely spoke to me.

Frank Scherma, both the founder and president, led our insightful session. He explained that Radical Media is more than just TV commercials. But 25 years ago, that’s just what it was. As advertising began to change, so did Radical Media. Their new goal was reaching a younger, more technologically advanced audience.

So how did Scherma and his team reach that goal? They learned how to tell a brand’s story. And they became experts at doing so.

A perfect example of the incredible work Radical Media produces was the Tundra Endeavor. Toyota, a client of Radical Media, had been longtime sponsors of the California Science Center. So when it was time for the space shuttle Endeavor to make its journey to the center, Radical Media put the two together.  They created an entire experience, bringing together the people of Los Angeles to watch a Toyota Tundra, pull the one and only Endeavor.

Something that struck me from our session with Frank Scherma occurred during our activity, where we needed to rebrand Glade candles for a younger demographic. Our only guidelines were that there were no constraints. He said there are so many different ways to tell the story of the brand, so go for it. This lead us to the agency’s motto “Never Established.” Radical Media moves with the times and ahead of the times, hence why they’re never established.

I plan to take this advice far on into my advertising career. Everything is constantly changing, and we have to change with it. Who knows what the next way to reach a brand will be, but I can assure you Radical Media will be there before anyone else.



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