Being a Team at Team One


The visit to Team One has been my favorite visits thus far. The huge open space made it feel like ideas were flowing from room to room, just waiting for the next big thing to take hold.

Our speaker, Chris Graves, a top creative director at Team One, told us that it’s up to us to find our own creative approach. It’s important to take what works or doesn’t work, and find a creative approach unique to you. What really stood out was when he said “find the tools that you can use to tell your story.” Although it seems like such simple advice, it shows that there are so many ways for you to be heard, so which one will you choose.

Team One prides themselves on being creative problem solvers. They are in the business of influencing, not just ad creation. They create remarkable ideas, shift mindsets, create movement, and drive change. Most importantly, through awareness comes action.

Graves showed us a multitude of amazing campaigns, from Google recruiting engineers to trying to save the Troy Library. Each campaign had something meaningful, amazing, and different about it.

Each M4G group had the chance to meet with a creative at Team One. In just 30 short minutes, our received amazing ideas that we couldn’t wait to put into action. It was incredible to see how fast the creatives work and the process that they do it. We got great advice on how to fix our brief and how we should progress.

Team One is an agency like no other, and I look forward to the day where I can experience them again.



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