Beer and Barbells

The typical beer drinker can range anywhere from a frat-star college student, to a group of dads catching up with each other at a bar. Regardless of who’s chugging, the chances that all of them are seriously concerned about their calorie intake is relatively slim to none. But what about the people who are watching what they eat or drink? Should they have to miss out on a cold brew, simply because they’re health or weight conscious?

Michelob Ultra’s new Super Bowl ad argues absolutely not. Their ad agency, FCB in Chicago, started them on a new campaign with the tagline, “Brewed for those who go the extra mile.” This campaign completely overhauls the usual beer target market that is young men. Their new focus? Fitness fanatics. Michelob Ultra uses this new target to market their low carb, low calorie beer, emphasizing that even those who workout on the daily still have a social life, and that they can have a beer that doesn’t “sabotage their hard work.”

Strengths of the ad include the fact that the sound of the bottle opening resembles that of an athlete taking a breath. Another strength is that the new campaign helps Michelob Ultra find a solid footing in the huge market of beer, given that it’s relatively the only beer geared towards those concerned about calories. This can also play out as a weakness, though. Some may be concerned that the beer lacks flavor due to the lack of calories.

This ad landed Anheuser Busch’s A1 slot, making it the first ad to run after kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. The new campaign aims to position Michelob Ultra as the perfect beer for those who enjoy exercise, and they we’re definitely successful in doing so.

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