Good on Any Surface

January 31, 2015


Painting. Similarly to singing or dancing, is usually reserved for people with at least a little bit of artistic talent. Or so I thought. With Purdy’s professional paint brushes, even the most amateur painter can coat virtually any surface.

The Sherwin-Williams Company partnered up with ad agency Deutsch to prove just how good, versatile, and easy to use their brand of Purdy XL paintbrushes really is. The new ad, showcased in New York, literally paints over a billboard-sized chunk of a New York City street. What was the target insight of the ad? The fact that anyone, anywhere, can paint on any surface. By painting over various items like a ladder, a trash can, a fake pigeon, a bike, and materials like glass, metal, wood, and brick, this ad not only catches people’s attention by being aesthetically pleasing, but shows off how well the product works.

Purdy’s usual target market is to that of professional painters. Each brush is handmade and comes in a variety of filaments and handles to suit any painter’s need. This ad changes the target market to anyone interested in painting once again, absolutely anything. The XL series of brushes is known to be the most versatile brush, and now professional painters aren’t the only ones interested in Purdy’s exquisite brush craftsmanship.

Purdy’s Good on Any Surface ad is simple, to the point, and most importantly, true. It shows the brushes abilities, all while being an eye-catching ad on a busy New York Street. Their only weakness? That only two of these billboard size ads exist, limiting who can actually see the finished product up close, therefore relying in shared media. Well done, Deutsch.


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